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Design of Experiments: Principles and Applications

Design of Experiments: Principles and Applications


Design of Experiments: Principles and Applications

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Learn about the fundamentals of design of experiments and how such principles aid in quality-by- design and design space investigations.

L. Eriksson, E. Johansson, N. Kettaneh-Wold, C. Wikström, and S. Wold

ISBN 91-973730-4-4

425 pages

Book Description

This is the third and extended edition of the book "Design of Experiments". It describes tools for making experiments in a way that maximizes the resulting knowledge in a minimum number of trials. The book gives a detailed introduction to the use of these tools with excellent illustrations of PC-based software as an integrated tool in design and analysis of experiments. It includes some newly developed approaches for biological and pharmaceutical R&D.

Experimentation is used everywhere in business, academic research, and industrial development and trouble shooting to investigate and improve processes and products. Often this involves optimization, i.e., how to get maximum performance or results in a given process. In research, development, and production, often half of the available experimental resources are spent on solving optimization problems.

How can we, for example, find the optimal conditions for a synthesis or a purification step? Which combination of our factors will give the best yield and lowest impurities, at lowest possible cost, using lowest possible use of energy and raw materials, and producing a minimum of pollution?
With the rapidly increasing costs of experiments, it is essential that these questions are answered with as few experiments as possible. Design of Experiments, DOE, is used for this purpose - to ensure that the selected experiments are maximally informative.

About the Authors

Authors: The five authors are all connected to the Umetrics company which develops and sells software for design of experiments and multivariate analysis since twenty years, as well as supports customers with training and consultations. Umetrics' customers include most large and medium sized companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and semiconductor sectors. 

Customers Quotes

“This is really the best handbook in DOE I ever red!”
Dr. Jörg Peters
Bayer HealthCare AG
Global Biological Development

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