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Umetrics User Meeting 2020 + Batch Modeling course

Umetrics User Meeting 2020 + Batch Modeling course

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Biopharma / Pharma Batch Course: 1,5 days

Batch Process Modelling using MVDA

Using SIMCA, participants will learn how to interpret complex data quickly and confidently such to build predictive process models for use in SIMCA and SIMCA-online.

The course is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer exercises in software SIMCA, based on real-life datasets.

The objective of this course is to teach the attendees how to build multivariate monitoring models based on their online process data.
In multivariate data analysis data tables are translated into interpretable figures and plots which simplifies the process monitoring as well as analysis of process deviators.

Monday: 1 PM – 6 PM 
1st day – Data Requirements and Intro to Batch Modelling

Data Requirements for SIMCA-online batch models

  • Best Practices for extracting & loading data into SIMCA
  • Data organization and structure for batch modelling

Multivariate Batch modelling and monitoring

  • modelling objectives and strategies
  • Multivariate analysis in batch process modelling

Tuesday: 9 AM - 5 PM
2nd day - Model robustness and Batch level models.

How to test a monitoring model and possibilities with batch level modelling.

  • Model diagnostics and robustness
  • Multivariate analysis in batch level models

Build process monitoring models for multi-step processes and how to combine different data sources.

  • Multi step batch process models
  • Combining multiple data sources
  • Setting up SIMCA-online for end users.
  • Model Configurations for SIMCA-online

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