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Umetrics User Meeting + workshop 2019

Umetrics User Meeting + workshop 2019


Umetrics suite workshop – see what others don’t

The industry is subjected to many key drivers for change including, improved efficiency, reduced time to market, ability to adapt to changing market conditions and digitalization.

This workshop focuses on three key drivers of change:

  • Efficiency - exploring and understanding data quickly and easily with the use of user friendly tools with pre-defined workflows.
  • Adaptation - requires knowledge. When the process engineer and the scientist combine information from data with domain knowledge and experience they will become even more skilled.
  • Digitalization – more specifically data analytics, which helps finding the golden nuggets in your data.

Combining the three key drivers within one platform gives a tool for innovative product development and operational excellence.

The participant’s will predominately use two corner-stones of the Umetrics suite to turn data into solutions based on real industrial applications. These are:

  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
    • A systematic method for planning experiments where individual and interactive effects of various factors can explain the outcome of your experiments.
  • Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA)
    • A tool that reduces complexity by looking for patterns and relationships between several variables which facilitates understanding and interpretation. An interesting application is real time monitoring. A solution that helps you monitoring your process in real-time which enables you to act instead of react.

The idea is to inspire the participants on how advanced data analytics can be used in different industrial applications. The workshop is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer exercises in the MODDE® and SIMCA® solutions. Also, the real time solutions of the Umetrics suite will be demonstrated using SIMCA®-online.

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