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User Meeting 2017

User Meeting 2017


Available Course locations & dates

User Meeting - $600.00 USD
User Meeting + DOE and QbD course - $1,450.00 USD
User Meeting + Batch Modeling course - $1,450.00 USD
Tabletop - $1,450.00 USD


MKS Data Analytics Solutions User Meeting 2017

We are happy to announce that our 2017 user meeting will be hosted at Hilton Meadowlands in New Jersey. The dates for the user meeting are April 24-27, 2017.

At the meeting you will hear presentations from our customers on how they have benefited from working with the solutions in the Umetrics™ Suite of Data Analytics Solutions, and how they have been able to get more value from their data. You will see presentations from various industries and on many different use cases. So come and join us and find out how you can also benefit from our solutions.

During the meeting we will also have a meet the experts session, where you will get an opportunity to get your questions answered by the specialist in the area. We will have different stations where we will demo our solutions and show you how you can solve your challenges..

Last but not least, this is an excellent chance to meet others that might have been thought the same challenge that you are struggling with and find out how they have solved it. Share your ideas and network with all the users of the Umetrics Suite.

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